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How to Freshen Up Your Living Space during Quarantine?

It is important to make your living space feel like a sanctuary because this is where you are spending most of your days during the quarantine. Livening up your place is not solely about adding pretty items, but it’s also a matter of well-being and quality of life. Let’s have a look at the following tips on how to make some interesting changes inside your living space.

1. Create a workspace

Now that the “new normal” is working from home, it is good to dedicate a corner in your living space for work only. This can be a small corner on your couch, an armchair, or a small desk or table if you have enough space. Any zone devoted to work will help you be more productive by separating work from lounging.

2. Add greenery

Staying home for a long while definitely makes you want to bring the outdoor inside. Incorporate greeneries inside your living room by adding houseplants and beautiful pots. This will liven up your space while reducing stress levels and purifying the air.

3. Introduce new accessories

Enhancing your room décor every now and then has a positive impact on your mood. Add new accessories that are both visually beautiful and super functional such as throw pillows and blankets. They add colors, textures, warmth and coziness inside the room. You can also add a collection of frames with vibrant images or words that spread energy and happiness in today’s turbulent world.

4. Use scent diffusers

Beautiful scents always leave everyone feeling relaxed and happy. Therefore, all you need is a scent diffuser. The fragrance of essential oils, candles, and even flowers evokes sense of harmony and helps you focus or sleep.

5. Go minimal and clean

Keeping your living area tidy and clean offers you a larger and more comfortable space. Remove clutters that have been lingering around. Spread an area rug in your living space, for it has many benefits that go beyond its look. It traps allergens and dusts keeping them away from the air we breathe, it reduces noises, and cushions our footsteps.

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