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How To Style Your Living Space With Curtains And Shades

A living space can feel incomplete without curtains or shades. Curtains and shades are essential not only to regulate the entry of light into a room but also to complement your interior décor with an elegant touch. Read on for some tips on how to style your living space with shades and curtains.

1. Choose a wide curtain rod

Choose a curtain rod that is wider than the width of your window to let your curtain drape abundantly without looking skimpy. Go about 5 inches wider than your window. This will give your living space and window the illusion that they are wider than in reality.

2. Hang the curtain rod high above the window

Hang the curtain rod about 5 inches above your window and closer to the ceiling to make the window look taller and to also give your living space the illusion of taller ceilings.

3. Choose appropriate fabric according to your needs

Choose a curtain fabric, which complements the style of the room and fulfills a particular need. Use light shades like linen for a romantic and breezy feel, or try denser fabrics like velvet for a more formal setting and to lend privacy and warmth.

4. Use multiple curtain panels

In case you have a large panorama window, create a layered look by hanging multiple curtain panels on a single extra-wide curtain rod.

5. Puddle the curtains to the floor

Let your curtains puddle and reach the floor to create a romantic and carefree effect. If you worry about your curtains getting dirty, then stop the fabric right before they touch the ground. Don’t go too short otherwise, your living space will feel smaller.

6. Hide the hardware

Curtain rods need to be covered if you want to pull out an elegant yet minimalist style in your living space. So to conceal a curtain rod you can use either a cornice board or a window valance. Both means promote a luxurious and elegant appearance to the window.

7. Go for a patterned curtain

If you want to go bold, then choose patterned curtains that will act as a focal point. A patterned curtain adds colors, textures, and patterns to your room, which reflect a fun and pleasant atmosphere.

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