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Small Patio Decorating Ideas

You don’t need a big patio to enjoy dinners, lounging, and entertaining. Squeezing in specific furniture and accessories can create a cozy and enviable open air space. Read on for some ideas on how to decorate a small patio.

1. Provide seating and lounging furniture

Make your patio a comfortable space to sit and lounge. Pick statement chairs that don’t take up too much room. Add floor pillows, beanbags, or stools for extra seats. Ottomans or garden stools also serve as coffee tables. Now if you wish to lay your feet up and lounge in the sun, incorporate a hammock, a day bed, or a swing in a charming corner.

2. Add textures and patterns

Place a layered rug in the middle of your patio to ground your space. Add throw pillows to provide comfort and a burst of colors, and blankets to wrap on your shoulders when it gets cold.

3. Use wood material

Wooden elements in outdoor spaces bring out warm and rustic feelings. Therefore, purchase wooden pieces of furniture, or utilize wood for wall cladding or deck flooring.

4. Add statement lights

Lighting your patio will undoubtedly create a cozy and inviting outdoor living space. Use lanterns or candles for a romantic feel, or a set of string lights for a more vibrant and sparkly effect at sunset.

5. Bring in greenery

Add potted plants and flowers in cute baskets to create an interesting display. This provides a touch of colors, serenity and good vibes. You can also add planted lemongrass or citronella in your patio to repel mosquitoes and to disperse a fresh lemony scent.

6. Add a fire pit

Family or friends get-togethers cannot be complete without firelight. In fact, eating marshmallow and chatting around a fire is a great tradition. Therefore, add an outdoor fire pit to give off warmth and to make your gatherings fun and cozy.

7. Roll in a bar cart

When you have a small patio and no room for an outdoor bar, simply wheel out a bar cart, which you can use indoors and outside. A bar cart is very useful, for it keeps your drinks and snacks within arm’s reach and adds a lively ambiance.

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