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6 Houseplants That Will Brighten up Your Home

Indoor plants are an excellent way to add color and a natural feel to any room. In addition to brightening up your space, they filter the air and boost the humidity in your home, which helps to prevent sore throats, coughs, and dry skin. Some studies have also shown that being around plants can actually reduce stress and help us relax. Many plants are low-maintenance throughout the year, making them ideal for use in any indoor space at any time of year. Below are some of the best houseplants to have in your home.

1. Orchid

Orchids are wild, delicate, and exotic, but they make excellent houseplants. They are great gifts and are frequently available in supermarkets. They can bloom all year round, even in the coldest winter. Bright, indirect light is best for these plants. Therefore, consider placing them near a south or east-facing window in your living room to guarantee that they get the correct quantity and intensity of light to blossom. Orchids are particularly beneficial for bedrooms since they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, ensuring that your air is clean and fresh while you sleep.

2. Bonsai tree

Bonsai trees can be constructed in a variety of sizes and utilized to elegantly decorate any room or corner of the house. They can be displayed as lovely centerpieces, corner plants, and even dining table decorations. If you place a bonsai on a shelf or a coffee table, it will become a subtle eye-catching element that will soothe the atmosphere. However, make sure it's pointed in the direction of the sun and watered frequently whenever the soil is dry. A small bonsai tree on the bathroom counter or on a desk will greatly improve the area's beauty. You can also place a large bonsai in the corner of a dining room, or entrance hall. The tree's pot can be matched or contrasted with the tabletop, the floor tiles, and other furniture.

3. Olive Tree

Olive trees can help you unwind, stimulate your creativity, and purify the air you breathe. Pick a dwarf type, but keep in mind that if you don't prune them to keep them shorter, they can still grow to reach six feet tall. An olive tree needs about six hours of sunlight per day to thrive indoors. As a result, placing the olive tree in front of the east or south-facing window in a dry, large room, such as the living room, is excellent.

4. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig trees are loved for their glossy green foliage, beautiful branching forms, and sculptural appearance of their huge scalloped leaves. A fiddle leaf fig tree in a pot is a great way to soften the look of a room while filling a vacant corner. The potted tree can also serve as a focal point because of its height and enormous scalloped leaves. Use the tree to cover the space between your sitting area rug and a chair or sofa, or let it peer around the corner of another room to create a beautiful sightline.

5. Snake plant

A snake plant is widely regarded as one of the easiest houseplants to care for, requiring little maintenance. It can survive in low light and prefers to be dry, so you can water it every few weeks. So, it's ideal for shady corners and other low-light parts of your house. At night, it can transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. This property makes it an excellent choice for bedroom décor, as it can aid in the regulation of healthy airflow. Snake plants are generally displayed in white or brown pots on a tall stand for a striking appearance.

6. Golden pothos

Golden Pothos, like many other plants, purifies the air and eliminates formaldehyde from the air. Its growth can be hampered if it is exposed to frequent drafts or cooler temperatures. It can endure low light, but its growth will be slower and it may lose some or all of the variegation in its leaves. Golden Pothos can reach a height of 40 feet, making it a show-stopping piece of foliage. It is recognized for producing a lot of marbled leaves and for spreading out gracefully into your space. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for hanging or putting on a shelf inside the house.

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