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How to Reflect Your Style Into Your Interior Design

Selecting pieces of furniture and accessories for your house is not an easy task. In order to feel relaxed and comfortable living in a space, you need to pick a design style that matches your personality. Follow the steps below to reflect your taste and style when decorating your space.

1. Take a look inside your wardrobe

The first thing in learning how to select a style for your interior design is to look inside your closet and check what colors, fabrics, and patterns you wear the most. Hence, reflect the elements that you love in your decorating style. If you wear casual clothes of specific colors most of the time for instance, then it would feel right to select pieces of furniture that are soft, comfy, and colorful just like your clothes.

2. Gather items that you love together

Walk around the stores, notice different styles and materials, and then figure out what appeals to you. Gather your selected items together in one room and create a style vignette, which automatically reflects what you want to accomplish in your home. There are places or elements that can leave a happy feeling in your mind whenever you think of it or see it. Refer to your style vignette to help you start decorating your space.

3. Get inspired

Checking furniture stores is important, but getting inspired before doing so is even better. Check home décor inspirations such as magazines, catalogues, and applications like Instagram and Pinterest to help you generate a design style. Go through different looks and see what appeals to you. You can then decide to go for a boho style, a modern minimalist style, or for a more classic and traditional style.

4. Create a mood board on your phone

Keep a mood board or collage of elements you like on your phone. This will help you picture the items and colors together, and combine them suitably before shopping. Find a style that speaks to you and take screenshots to be saved and checked whenever needed.

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