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How To Pull Off A Contemporary Entryway For Under $100

A home’s entryway offers a first impression of your personality and sets the tone for the rest of your house. Therefore, it is important to infuse a warm and inviting atmosphere at your front door. Below is a list of items under $100 that will help you pull off an impressive contemporary entryway.

1. Create an accent wall

Start off by creating an accent wall in your entryway. Paint the wall with an undertone color of your choice like white or grey as these colors are visually soothing and match with everything. You can also choose a wallpaper design from wayfair to add textures, patterns, and a modern twist to your house. Wall stickers are also a fun way to transform your entryway into a more welcoming area.

2. Choose a wall-mounted countertop

Buying a whole new console table with drawers can be quite expensive. Therefore, you can either update your existing console by painting it or by changing its hardware, or you can purchase a small desktop with two drawers from Ikea at $65 or a wall-shelf at $20.

3. Hang mirrors on the wall

Hanging mirrors or frames on your accent wall can spice up your entryway. You can pick a large round mirror to hang above your dresser/console, or you can go for packs of 2 or 4 mirrors of different shapes and sizes at around $20 to add more character to your house.

4. Incorporate elements for storage

Install a hanging rack from amazon for your visitors’ coats and bags in order to minimize clutter in the house. Add baskets or storage boxes from ikea to store pillows and blankets and to add texture to your entryway.

5. Add a source of light

A lighting fixture not only illuminates your entryway but it adds coziness and elegance to your place. There is a wide range of table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, or mount lights that you can incorporate in your entryway. Choose a stylish lamp with materials and colors that coordinate with your home décor to promote a unique style.

6. Accessorize your entryway

Decorate your countertop, your console, or the shelves with beautiful and functional items. Choose a vase with flowers or plant pots to add colors and life to your place and add scented candles or a diffuser to purify the atmosphere.

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