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How To Update Your Office Table for Under $80

Upgrading your working space is always a good idea whether you are still working from home due to the pandemic or you’ve currently moved back to the office. Here’s a list of stylish and budget-friendly items for under $80 that will help sprucing up your desk.

1. Clean and smooth the surface of your office table

Start off by taking everything off your desk. Then clean the surface with Spray nine ($5.49) degreaser. Finally, use 320-grit sandpaper ($7.20) to smooth the surface irregularities.

2. Update the paint

Pick a nice color scheme to re-paint your desk. Choose nuances of white or grey (like this one for $12.95) as neutral colors are visually soothing and are very easy to paint over in case you decide to re-paint your desk with brighter colors. Use quality paintbrushes ($13.78) to apply a coat of primer first, then two thin coats of your chosen color. You can spray paint the legs too. Allow both the primer and the paint to dry respectively.

3. Incorporate furniture transfers

Choose a pre-printed design and spread it out on the top surface of your office table. You can also cut the furniture transfer into various shapes to add some life and style to your furniture. Wallpapers ($19.29) or decorative fabrics can also be attached on drawers if present or on the tabletop of your desk to create a beautiful makeover.

4. Change the handles

Changing or adding new handles or knobs for the drawers of your desk can make a whole difference. You can select among a wide range of styles and materials at IKEA ($5-$11 for a pack of 2). Pull out a chic desk style with brass or irons handles, or choose bronze knobs to create a more antique effect.

5. Accessorize your office table

Keep your office table free from clutter. Only keep necessary items on your beautiful top such as a desk lamp, a pen cup, a calendar, a notebook, and your laptop. This table lamp from Amazon combines a light, an organizer, and a wireless charger.

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