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7 Tips for Creating a Bohemian Style

A bohemian style is an eclectic style, which often embraces layering patterns and colors, mixing textures, and adding vintage pieces. It usually highlights handmade and unique elements like pillows, sculptures, paintings, and wall hangings. Take a look at these 7 tips to learn how to pull off a bohemian style in your house.

1. Add texture

Try using bohemian textiles like wood, woven, faux fur, leather, and stone. Add anything that feels cozy such as blankets, throw pillows, and chunky knit. Baskets and macramé hanger also help to create a bohemian style.

2. Add Low-level seating

Bohemian homes are all about relaxing and hanging out with your friends. Low-level seating is actually going to encourage that kind of behavior. Therefore, go for a floor seating setup by adding floor pillows, Moroccan style poufs, ottomans, and cozy rugs to invite people to kick back and have a good time.

3. Add plants

Incorporating plants is a must in any boho room. Whether potted or hanged, plants brighten and freshen up the space, and add to the overall decor. Look for small planters, cacti, succulents, or any tropical plant to enhance your boho space.

4. Mix lightings

If you want to pull off a boho style, don’t stick to only one overhead light. Try and mix a variety of different light sources. Choose a woven pendant, floor lamps, table lamps, lanterns, and candles to create clusters of illuminations especially in conversation areas. This will help create laid-back boho vibes.

5. Add rugs

Rugs are essential in boho rooms. Select a large vintage rug, or a Moroccan rug to cover the space. You can also choose to layer small rugs instead of a big one, or to use a jute rug as a base and then layer a Moroccan rug on top of it to create an eclectic and cozy feel.

6. Mix patterns

Coordinating colors is a great way to generate a bohemian style. Pick any two or three colors that inspire you or choose a palette theme if you are not sure with what pattern to start. Make sure not to generate a visual overload with colors and patterns. Incorporate a beautiful colorful tapestry over your bed or over your sofa for instance, and pair it with a neutral bedding to allow your eyes to rest in certain areas of the room.

7. Use vintage items and furniture

Vintage elements will add some character to your room because they are warm, light-hearted, and they tell a story. That’s really what boho décor is all about. Hang a vintage camera on the wall, attach some handmade objects such as hats, and add some vintage furniture such as ottomans, wooden chairs, and leather coffee tables and antique sofas.

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