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Moving in together? Tips For Designing His-And-Her Spaces

Moving in together is absolutely thrilling. However, agreeing on design and decoration in your new-shared place is not as exciting. Although your styles and preferences may be very dissimilar, consider the following tips to make your living space look like you and your partner.

1. Stick to neutral color palette

Choose gender-neutral colors such as grey, creamy, beige, and shades of white for your interior, as they are the safest option when having conflicting tastes with your partner. Neutral walls can actually work with any style and put the spotlight on your furniture and accessories.

2. Merge your tastes

Combine both feminine and masculine styles together to come up with something beautiful. Masculine design feature clean lines and sharp edges, whereas feminine design is all about textiles and curves. So add a throw blanket on a straight-lined couch in your living room to get the best of both worlds. Allocate a makeup vanity in the bedroom but on the other hand, introduce a leather piece to balance out the feminine touch.

3. Compromise and be flexible

If you and your partner own furniture and housewares independently, you should discuss each piece and decide whether to keep it, get rid of it, or replace it. Be willing to compromise on certain pieces that have sentimental values to your partner such as a painting he/she got from a trip. Furthermore, when you both agree on a lounge chair design but not on its fabric and color, consider buying two pieces and covering each with a different material.

4. Install double sinks

Sharing a bathroom with your significant other might seem tricky especially when you both lead busy lives and need to use the bathroom at the same time. Opt for a long countertop with two separate sink basins, providing individual space while keeping a shared feel.

5. Design two workspaces

Moving in together doesn’t mean sharing every bit of your space with your partner. You will eventually need a private space especially when it comes to work. In this case, designate two separate working areas to avoid encroaching on each other’s spaces. Therefore you can personalise and decorate your desk the way you want.

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