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How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate part of your home and it is more than just a room for sleeping. It’s your sanctuary from the frenzy of the day and space where you recharge, reflect and rest. It is fundamental to design a bedroom that epitomizes you and displays the pieces you are most passionate about. Below are some tips that will help you spruce up your bedroom!

1. Make your bed a focal point

Make your bed the star of the bedroom by covering it in elegant bedding. Choose white or plain colors to make it feel neat and chic. Add throw pillows along with a colorful extra quilt at the foot of the bed to make a textural statement.

2. Add texture to the floor

Throw a nice rug on the floor to add softness and visual interest to your room. It is a cozy element that offers warmth and comfort for whenever you walk or sit on it. Another way to add texture to the floor is by replacing a carpet with hardwood tiles.

3. Create a stylish Accent wall

Give your room a new look by adding colors, tones and patterns on one accent wall. Use paint, removable wallpapers, or tiles to design the wall differently than the rest of the room. This will bring in colors, textures, patterns, and vivacity into the room.

4. Hang curtains

Curtains add some personality to the room. Pick an elegant yet functional curtain fabric, drape it from the ceiling and let it puddle to the ground for a romantic effect. Go for light blends for a casual and welcoming feel or choose dense blends to give a more formal and private effect.

5. Have plenty of storage

A messy room has a negative impact on your mood. Therefore, make sure to keep your bedroom clean and tidy at all times. Create plenty of storage space from shelves, to cabinets, to drawers in order to minimize visual clutter and to form a stress-free environment.

6. Accessorize the room

Consider adding beautiful accessories to make the room stand out. Mirrors make the room look bigger and brighter. Houseplants or flowers add life, colors, and fresh air; trendy lamps, photographs and wall arts also add character into the room.

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