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How to Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home

A dining table is an essential piece in every home. It is where you bond with guests, grow familial connections deeper, enjoy good conversations and savor delicious meals. Just like an art piece, it should be an expression of your taste. Here are simple tips to help you choose the dining table that best suits your style and needs.

1. Consider the space that you have

A dining table is typically large and heavy and needs to fit inside your dining space. Therefore, measure the room first and then look for a suitable dining table. Make sure you keep a few inches around the chairs and table to walk around comfortably in the room.

2. Choose the shape

The most common shape for dining tables is rectangular. It can host people facing each other. If your space is limited, use benches instead of chairs and store them under the table when not in use to save up more floor space. On another hand, a square-shaped dining table is great for more intimate dinners. You can join two square tables together to provide extra seating places. Round tables offer intimacy and give a casual look since there is no head of the table. Oval dining tables are like rectangular tables but with curves, which fit better in small areas.

3. Choose the size

The shape of the dining table determines how many people can comfortably fit. Round or oval tables don’t have corners, so they provide a little more space to move around. Extension tables are a great option when you occasionally need to accommodate more guests. You can store it away when not required to save up more space.

4. Choose the style

Choosing the design, material, and color of your dining table sets the mood of the dining room. Wooden dining tables for instance, are durable and bring out warmth, comfort, and a rustic feel. Glass dining tables reflect openness and lighten the space, whereas white marble adds a classy and elegant touch. Therefore, always make sure to pick a dining table that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

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