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5 Advantages of Hiring an Online Interior Designer

In today’s pandemic crisis, not leaving our houses for days on end made people realize the importance of having pleasant and comfortable home environments. Katie Saunders, founder of Pop and Grey, believes that quarantining at home for such a long time will have a positive impact on the industry of interior design. With more time spent at home, people will become more detail-oriented and will want to fix any imperfection inside their houses that they have overlooked for years. However, with the social distancing regulation, it is still impractical to hire a designer that needs to visit your space. Hence, it makes more sense to hire a virtual designer. Let’s have a look at the pros of Online Interior design services.

1. Work from home

Because of the quarantine, people have started to work from home. Online interior design only necessitates a laptop and can take place without the hassle of going to a physical office. Therefore, both the client and the designer communicate together from the comfort of their homes.

2. Flexible agenda

With online interior design services, you don’t have to worry if your schedule doesn’t line up with that of the designer. All correspondence happens virtually anytime between different time zones, different cities, and even different countries.

3. Easy customization

Hiring an online interior designer helps you see exactly how your room will look like in a 3D rendering. You can make edits and incorporate your own style with the assistance of the designer before finalizing the layout of the room and buying all the furniture.

4. Better deals

Virtual interior design saves you time and energy that you usually spend when you are doing things on your own. Online designers find you the best pieces in accordance with your budget, keeping you from commuting and spending hours in a store.

5. Less expenses

Online Interior design is affordable for both designers and clients. The designer can avoid opening a physical office and can avoid commuting to and from home visits and place of work. On the other hand, the client can select and buy items online while paying a flat fee per room rather than per hour. All your purchased items can be delivered directly to your door.

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