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Home Office Ideas that Will Inspire You to Work

Remote working is becoming the “new normal”. However, some people are finding it hard to work smartly from home due to common distractions such as housework, TV, and kids. Having a secluded space dedicated only for work is therefore essential in order to promote productivity. Have a look at the following home office ideas that will keep you focused and inspired.

1. Create an ideal desk

A workspace can be any corner inside the house. If you are short on space, you can use any available wall in the house. Use a wall-mounted desk, or a wall bed with a desk to save floor space. If you have more space, opt for an entire room and turn it into an office. You can even purchase a desk on wheels and move it around according to space conveniences.

2. Optimize your comfort

Sitting behind a desk for long hours can be grueling sometimes and can limit your ability to stay focused. The best thing about working from home is being able to kick off your shoes. Personal comfort is crucial, therefore invest in a comfortable chair within your budget and place a soft carpet or a fluffy rug under your desk to cushion your feet while working.

3. Incorporate efficient storage

Nobody works efficiently in a disorganized home office. When papers, files, and other encumbers are all over the workspace, your work will also feel disorganized and overwhelming. Incorporate cabinets, shelves, and wall grids into your design to keep work surfaces clear of clutter. You can also hang a board and a calendar on the wall to help you stay organized.

4. Go for neutral colors

A workspace should inspire you to work with minimal distractions. Colors are generally known to affect our moods. Blue for instance insinuates soothing while yellow causes anxiety. Go for neutral colors such as grey, beige, and shades of white to create a tranquil work environment and to keep your attention focused on the assignments at hand.

5. Make it unique

Work is stressful most of the time. So it is important to incorporate some cheerful elements into your workspace design to reduce stress. Include family pictures, or wall framed artwork and quotes. These images speak to you and motivate you to keep moving forward with your tasks especially during hectic working days.

6. Add greenery

Working in a self-contained workspace for long hours will make you want to urge for fresh air. To bring in the outdoors, align your desk near a window and add houseplants and fresh greenery into your design. Natural light, fresh air, and interior greenery are vital in boosting up your productivity and morale.

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