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Entryway Decorating Ideas

A stylish and well-decorated entryway is guaranteed to leave a stunning first impression on your guests. It provides an ideal spot to display art pieces and decorations that best represent your personality and style. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started.

1. Decorate the wall

If you have an available blank wall in your entryway, take advantage of it to show your creativity. Cover the wall with paint or wallpaper to make it a focal point. Hang photographs and wall arts that you like. This will intrigue people to know you better.

2. Decorate the floor

Set down a rug on the floor to define the entryway. A rug is beautiful and functional. It adds texture, color, and pattern to the area, and serves as a mat for guests to wipe their shoes as they come in.

3. Offer a seat

Pick a casual chair, a stool, or a bench for your entryway. Providing a seat will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable as they remove their shoes or put on their coats and bags. Add pillows and throws to promote cozy vibes.

4. Insert storage options

Make sure to keep your house entryway tidy and neat. Using storage options like a chest or a console with drawers help reduce clutter. A storage unit keeps your essential items such as keys, charging devices, and wallet easily accessible. You can also use the space underneath to place a basket to store winter essentials like umbrellas and scarves. You can even hang a coat rack for other daily use items.

5. Expose light

Choose a bold lighting fixture to lighten up your entryway. A pendant or a chandelier will make a memorable first impression. You can give your guests a brighter welcome by adding a large mirror, where they can check themselves up on their way in or out the door.

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