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8 Area Rug Dos and Don'ts

Regardless of the sort of flooring you have in your house, area rugs are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of your particular flair to a space. They are available in different sizes, textures, colors, and patterns and aim to pull the space together. However, when it comes to using area rugs in your house, there are certain crucial guidelines to follow. Keep reading to find out more about the dos and don'ts for using area rugs in your home.

1. Expand Rugs Under Furniture

When choosing an area rug, make sure it reaches beneath all of the room's major pieces of furniture including smaller items like chairs and coffee tables. In case you have larger items like sectional couches, then make sure that at least a section of your furniture is in contact with the rug. You can keep the front legs on the rug and the back legs off. When it comes to the dining room, the rug should be large enough to accommodate both the chairs and the table.

2. Don’t Go Too Small

When it comes to area rugs, the most common error is buying rugs that are too small. A little area rug might be ineffective since it disrupts the flow of a space rather than bringing it together. If you have a twin or double bed, you should extend your area rug at least 12 inches beyond the edges of the bed, and if you have a queen or king bed, you should extend it at least 18 inches. When in doubt, it’s always better to go too large than too small.

3. Cover High-traffic Areas Entirely

When laying area rugs, make sure to completely cover high-traffic areas. There should be no major sections where one foot is on the rug and the other is off it, as this might cause strange wear patterns on both the rug and your floors.

4. Maintain a Sense of Proportion

While symmetry isn't required in all house designs, area rugs should have the same amount of floor space as a margin on all sides. Before you buy an area rug, measure the size of your space and decide which furniture set you'd want to place on or near the rug. The size of the rug should be proportional to the size of the room. Opt for large rugs for large spaces, and lengthwise rugs for long spaces. You can even add runners on each side of the bed.

5. Choose the Right Texture

The texture or pile of your carpet may make a big difference in a room's aesthetics and mood. You may choose between a cut or a loop pile. Cut pile carpets with upright threads, such as Saxony and velvet, provide a formal, soft, and sumptuous appearance. Loop pile carpets are long-lasting and made up of a number of loops that provide a range of textures and patterns - ideal for high-traffic areas.

6. Choose the Right Pattern

Color and pattern are fantastic ways to bring energy and enjoyment into a home. A neutral-colored carpet is always a good choice because it goes with any other hue in the space. However, if you want to hide dirt and stains, use a deeper color or a patterned rug. A vibrantly colored carpet adds to the room's appeal.

7. Keep Your Rug Clean and protected

Because rugs are so expensive, it's critical to keep them clean and preserved. Before you bring a rug home, read the cleaning instructions on it. Higher-end rugs are frequently made to tolerate wear and dampness, and they may be cleaned with most carpet cleaners. Natural fiber carpets such as sisal, jute, and other natural fibers are affordable, but they cannot be washed, so you may have to replace them if there is a large spill.

8. Avoid Hazardous Places

Before you begin carpet shopping, consider the purpose of your space. It's best to avoid placing expensive area rugs in high-traffic areas where there are likely to be spills and accidents. Halls, staircases, and kitchens are subjected to the most wear and tear, so they need stain-resistant and patterned rugs to hide unwanted markings. Consider placing more artistic and luxurious rugs in a formal living room or similar place where spills and foot traffic are less likely.

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