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7 Ways to Nail The Scandinavian Aesthetic

Scandinavian design focuses on plainness, minimalism, and functionality. The style is popular today and influenced by the Nordic region’s cold climate and short winter days. In an attempt to make interiors brighter and cozier, the Scandinavian style focuses on the use of natural elements such as wood, metal, and natural leather. Other Scandinavian hallmarks are clean lines, sleek and functional furniture, and neutral colors. Read on for tips on how to achieve a stunning Scandinavian style.

1. Incorporate warm textiles

In order to add a cozy and warm touch to your interior, accessorize your space with warm textiles such as blankets, throws, and carpets, which are made from wool or mohair. The textures will provide both warmth and style.

2. Maximize natural light

In order to create an inviting space, allow plenty of light to get in the room. Therefore, cover your windows with light fabric such as sheer or translucent curtains. They add a romantic feel to your room.

3. Choose neutral colors

In order to create a clean and soothing ambiance, focus on using neutral and soft colors such as white, grey, and their nuances. Light colors usually make the interior feel uniform, and bright, and allow furniture to stand out.

4. Incorporate industrial material

Steel and wood are common for a Scandinavian interior. Use wood on the walls, the floors, or for cupboards and toys. Go for lightwoods like beech, pine, and ash. Add wooden elements such as coffee tables and chairs, and combine them with metallic finishes.

5. Keep the space clutter-free

Less is more is an essential aspect of a Scandinavian design. Therefore, make sure your items are well organized in storage spaces such as wall shelving to minimize clutter in your home.

6. Go for clean lines

Select simple and modern pieces of furniture with clean lines and simple shapes to pull off a Scandinavian style. You can decorate the place with accessories such as pillows and wall art with simple geometric patterns.

7. Select modern lighting

Lighting is important for a Scandinavian décor to warm and brightening up the space. Go for rattan light fixtures, which are very modern in shape and make a great focal point in your living space. Wall sconces and pendant lamps are also a great selection for a Scandinavian design.

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