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7 Interior Design Highlights From The Bridgerton Show On Netflix

Bridgerton has taken the world by storm and has become Netflix's most-watched original series ever! The drama series became one of the trendiest shows in 2021, not only for its plot and casts, but also for the outrageous costumes, the exquisite interior designs, and sumptuous decor and furniture. The show was filmed in grand filming locations where most of the furniture was designed from scratch to create the perfect Regency-era setting. Interiors from this era include vintage furniture, classic chandeliers, glamorous seats, regal patterns and textures, brass handles, and a combination of pastel and vivid colors.

Below are 7 regency-inspired elements to incorporate a little Bridgerton into your house:

1. Color Palette

Regency colors can either be daring and flamboyant or light and soothing. Each of the houses in Bridgerton is designed around one or two colors with a vast array of shades. The Bridgerton house has a pale blue and cream color scheme, which is perfect for a soothing and elegant interior. The Featheringtons, in comparison, have vibrant tones of green and yellow in their house, which is more ostentatious and showy.

Having a color story throughout the house gives consistency. Therefore, consider using a monochromatic palette with standout patterns and brass details to create cohesion between the elements within the rooms.

2. Elegant Drapery

When inspired with the Regency era, window treatments are crucial and characterized by swag and jabot, or flowing drapery with decorative braid trims. Valences are also installed over the top of the curtains to add textures and depth to a room. If you wish to introduce some Bridgerton-inspired style to your windows, simply add tassel tiebacks on your draped curtains. The choice of color and fabric makes a huge difference; opt for window dressings in pastel colors or with floral prints, and consider damask or jacquard fabrics for a luxurious and sophisticated look.

3. Repeated Motifs

Just as the two families in Bridgerton have different color schemes, they also have their own motifs, which can be spotted on clothes and interiors. The Bridgerton symbol is a bee, while the Featheringtons have a butterfly motif. By integrating a motif inspired by nature, a carved design, or wall plaster moldings; you can bring some individuality and glamour throughout your house.

4. Scroll-shaped Furniture

The Regency period features scroll-shaped furniture. The curved edges offer regal sophistication, which makes a statement inside each room. There are interior elements that we see a lot in the series such as handcrafted and carved armchairs, chaise lounges, and dressing tables with reeded, sabre, or paw-shaped leg styles. If you wish to add some opulence to your abode, then introduce some Regency-style furniture with scroll-shaped arms and legs and symmetrical carvings.

5. Majestic Patterns and Textures

The interiors in the series lean into luxurious fabrics and upholsteries such as damask, satin, and leather. We can easily spot leathers in gentleman’s lounges, and softer textures like silk, satin, and velvet in the drawing rooms, the bedrooms and in the queen’s palace. Damask seems to be the most used fabric throughout the show - especially for upholstery, draperies, and wallpapers. Give your house a dramatic transformation by introducing some majestic patterns and textures such as wall moldings, dark rare wooden furniture, oversized rugs and carpets, brass handles, caned furniture, marble table tops, and baroque mirrors.

6. Lavish Bed Frames

Nothing sets off a bedroom like a sophisticated bed with an upholstered headboard. There is no doubt that the bed frames in the series have gained a surge in popularity for their curved edges and elegant silhouette. Opt for a sleigh bed with some brass accents and soft fabric headboard or choose a four-poster bed with a canopy to emulate the “high-society” bedroom vibe of Bridgerton. You can cover the bed with luxurious bed linen, a flourishing duvet featuring a damask design, and coordinating pillowcases for a magnificent makeover.

7. Classic Lighting

Countless chandeliers, candelabras, and taper candles are spotted in every nighttime scene in Bridgerton to set a romantic glow in every corner. Candles are a simple way to immediately set the tone in any room, so don't be afraid to pop them in your home. Chandeliers are also a perfect way to scream extravagance in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.


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