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7 Ideas for Christmas Decoration

The Christmas season is a joyful time and deserves to be celebrated in style. Read on to get inspired by our 7 festive decorating ideas.

1. Add festive throw pillows

Enliven your sofas or armchairs with festive blankets and throw pillows. Choose Christmassy bright colors like red, green, gold, white, and any other fun holiday color.

2. Deck the shelves

Decorate your shelves with picture frames and candles. Nestle a few pinecones, berry sprigs, and some greenery. Wrap some books with Christmassy wrapping paper and add wintry animal figurines such as deer and squirrels.

3. Let it glow

Create a cozy and warm ambiance by scattering candles and lanterns throughout your living space and staircase. Entwine string lights into evergreens and pines to cast sparkles.

4. Incorporate Rustic charm

Add more warmth and coziness to your house by turning it into a log cabin. Use wooden boxes and tree trunks, vintage sleds, and a rocking chair to decorate your front porch or any room in the house.

5. Design a bar with hot beverages

Make your home ready for a holiday party by creating a hot cacao bar or drink bar. Add tabletop trees, cute coffee cups or mugs, straws, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and any ornament that adds warmth to your house.

6. Garnish the windows

Decorate your view with a stylish wreath made from a garland of greenery. Tie a wide piece of crimson ribbon bow for a bold statement. Fill up your windows with snowflakes made from coffee filters or sketched with removable paint markers. Hang shiny ball ornaments from the curtain rods to set a warm glow that is seen from the window.

7. Create an intimate space

Replace your bulky sofa with cozy chairs gathered around an ottoman for an ideal family spot. Add candles, lanterns, throws and pillows around the space to add a little more intimacy and holiday flair to your home.

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