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7 Elegant Ways to Hide a TV Screen and Wiring in Your Home

Most of us have to deal with computer wires, Wi-Fi routers, and device chargers on a daily basis. You don't want your black TV screen and electronic connections to disrupt the flow of your decor after you've spent time carefully picking your furnishings. As a result, you have the option of incorporating entertainment devices into the interior design of your space or concealing them. Below are 7 stylish methods to conceal your TV's screen and wiring.

1. Select a TV That Also Serves as Artwork

You can select a TV that is designed to resemble a work of art and remain the centerpiece of many homes. For example, Samsung's The Frame Art Smart TV comes in a variety of sizes and is meant to display artwork on the screen when not in use. You can see the time, create a photo slideshow, use certain apps, or subscribe to different artists' work to appear on your TV. The connectors can be hidden behind a woven fabric panel across the back of the set, so it should look great from all angles.

2. Hide Your TV in a Cabinet or a Wardrobe

You can hide the TV screen behind bedroom storage such as fitted closets to avoid having a large black box dominate your room. Another smart suggestion is to store the TV screen in a tall cabinet or a simple cupboard with doors that fold open to display the screen and then unfold to hide it. Make sure the TV shelf is at a good viewing height when you're sitting on a chair or a sofa.

3. Hide your TV in Your Bed

Purchase a bed with a hidden TV storage compartment. To watch your favorite show, all you have to do is lift the device from the hidden compartment at the foot of the bed. When you're not using the screen, simply lower it out of sight to keep the room looking neat and tidy.

4. Integrate a Worktop TV into The Kitchen

There are several ways to hide your television in your kitchen while still allowing you to reach it when cooking. You can, for example, conceal a TV screen beneath your worktop and have it raise remotely whenever needed. Then turn it to face your open-concept living space. As a result, you can maximize the use of your kitchen island while also making it stand out.

5. Install a Sliding Panel

Construct a paneled wall with a movable central section to reveal an integrated TV screen. It is possible to automate the mechanism, however, sliding the panel over with one hand is also quite simple. This could also be an excellent solution if you have additional media that needs to be arranged. After placing your TV on a wall bracket, build shallow cabinets around it. Articulated brackets are a superior choice since they allow the screen to be pulled forward or slanted for better viewing when the sliding panel is open. You can even hide your speakers in mesh doors without interfering with the sound flow.

6. Invest in a Bold Media Unit

Although a deluxe media unit won't completely conceal the TV, it can serve to divert attention away from a flat screen set on the wall. It helps maintain your TV dimensions in proportion with the rest of the room and fit in with the decor. Choose a dark-colored wood finish with shelves and integrated spotlights to ensure that the TV and soundbar go unnoticed when the screen is off.

7. Take the Cables Behind the Wall

The TV wires should be run behind the wall. To accomplish this, you'll need to make two holes in the drywall, one behind your television and the other near the outlet. Install cable plates on the wall and run the wires from the top to the bottom. Choose an in-wall power and cable kit if your cords are on the short side to add a power outlet directly to the back of your television.

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