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6 Ways to Incorporate Art In Your Home

Introducing artistic elements into your house is a great way to add life, color and character to any room. There are many affordable options to choose from. Read on for some ways on how to create artistic vibes inside the house.

1. Generate accent walls

Make some walls inside the house a focal point. Use paintings, tiles, or wallpapers to cover these accent walls with different colors and patterns. This will offer a bright and outstanding look for your interior especially in kids' rooms.

2. Create a gallery wall

Purchase some prints and paintings and hang them on a wall to create a gallery wall. Choose the same style or be eclectic in your selections. You can even use memorable photographs from trips or special occasions. The best place for a gallery wall is in a hallway or in the living room.

3. Use sculptural elements

Now pull back from the walls and use art pieces such as sculptural elements into your interior. Choose remarkable sculptures with animals or plant motifs to bring life and a feel of motion inside the room. Place the sculpture on the floor or on a surface to serve as a centerpiece.

4. Hang arty lighting fixtures

Good lighting helps set the right mood inside the room. Arty lighting fixtures are impressive. Pick curved-lines, unusual shapes or mood lights to add style and personality to your interior.

5. Add tapestries

Seek out fabrics and tapestries as another artistic option for your house. You can use them on the walls or on the grounds. Something that is nature-inspired cannot go unnoticeable. They add patterns of colors, vivacity, and feelings of warmth.

6. Select statement pieces and furniture

Consider selecting accent decorative pieces and furniture. Mirrors with beautiful artisanal edges make a great addition to some walls especially in the bathrooms and hallways. You can actually opt for a vintage house look by picking antique pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, bookcases, and other accessories and miscellaneous.

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