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6 Lighting Trends for Dining Rooms

Your dining space should definitely be welcoming and appealing for guests or family meals. Lighting can undoubtedly make a big difference in making a statement and setting up a mood. Consider using one of the following lighting trends above your dining room table to bright up and enliven your eating area.

1. Oversized light fixtures

Oversized ceiling lights are still among the trendiest light designs. They are noteworthy and make a bold appearance. They work well with high ceilings and spacious rooms.

2. Geometric light fixtures

Geometric light fixtures will match perfectly with any type of dining room, whether minimal or contemporary. They typically feature clean lines, sharp angles, and lustrous materials.

3. Dangling chandeliers

Opt for chandeliers that dangle crystal or glass fabric if you wish to give your dining room an elegant and romantic touch. Make this lighting design a centerpiece by keeping the rest of the room serenely minimalist.

4. Modern Industrial lighting

Look for modern industrial lighting if you want a contemporary design for your dining room. The refined industrial lightings still exhibit pipework and tubes but with sleeker and more stylish finishes. Create a chic appearance by choosing black light fixtures over old-style metallic.

5. Multiple light fixtures

Another trend for dining room lighting is hanging multiple lights. Light fixtures are either hanged individually and freely or are attached on a track arm. Either way, both models generate a bolder look and a brighter effect, especially in an open plan area.

6. Natural-fiber lighting design

Lighting pieces made of rattan, bamboo, or wicker go perfectly well with all styles from traditional to modern to bohemian. Introduce this woven trend into your dining room to give your eating space a cozy and unique appearance. In fact, natural-fiber lightings add textural charm to the room and make it feel like an outdoor area.

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